My approach is informed by studies in Cognitive Science (BSc), Human Computer Interaction (MSc with Distinction) and training in Digital Product Management and certification in Agile Project Management.

I have led product teams, planned and executed anything from initial discovery work, to end-to-end design projects, managed and mentored new hires, more junior designers and user researchers, as well as coordinated product management, MVP definition and management of delivery and agile development.

With a passion for human centered design, innovation strategy and AI-powered product definition, I have given talks and workshops (e.g. AI Summit, Legal Geek, ILTACON etc.) on design thinking and AI.

🔬 Discovery

Innovation is all about the detection of problems worth solving. I have led user researchers and also conducted user research myself using techniques such as semi-structured interviews, contextual inquiry, focus groups and participatory workshops, in order to help a project team to empathize with end users and other stakeholders.

🎉  Design Thinking

Complex problems are best solved as a team. I have led interdisciplinary teams  through participatory co-creation and design thinking session, design sprints and concept tests. Over the past years, I have been facilitating design thinking for AI innovation with interdisciplinary teams of designers, data scientists and developers.

✏️  Design

Following a low-fidelity conceptual exploration, conceptual work on information architecture, object-oriented user experience and ultimately more detailed work on wireframes and interactive prototypes helps define and test designs further. I have worked with various design systems, detailed interaction design using tools such as Axure, Figma, Sketch etc, and detailed accessibility and usability evaluation.

📋  Requirements Engineering

In order to organise continuous design, agile software development and data science research spikes, requirements and work packages might be structured in epics and user stories. I have defined and prioritised requirements according to user needs and business goals

🤗  Delivery

Balancing design exploration and agile delivery is always a challenge. I have defined backlogs and their prioritisation, supported development with detailed handover documentation and supervised full stack developers in order to assure rapid delivery to spec.